Meeting #1: Week of January 25

Meeting #2: Week of February 8
  • We talked about the Green Team Bulletin Board - where we will post our projects, the next meeting date, and other Green Team news.
  • We talked about Green Team Lunchtime Projects – there will be a sign up sheet on Mrs. Lucken’s door to come help with a Green Team project, to play Green Team games in the Computer Lab, or to do Green Team research. These types of things will happen every other Monday (Mondays when there aren’t Ambassador meetings). Kids will meet in Mrs. Lucken’s office during their recess. These will probably be small numbers of kids – maybe 5. There will be a description of the project, the ages of kids who can sign up on the signup sheet. Once the sheet is full, the project is full. There will always be more projects happening!
  • We brainstormed ideas for helping the school be more green and wrote them down in our Green Team binder. We can use these ideas for future projects.
  • We talked about the recycling bins in the front lobby - and will share back information to the class about how to use them.
  • If there was time, we played Recycle Bingo.

Ideas for Future Meetings